Do SEO If You Want Your Company to Matter

Do SEO If You Want Your Company to Matter

Only do SEO if you want your company to matter. Who does not use Google? We all know that Google handles around 100 billion searches each and every day. A lot of the searches are people are looking for companies within your industry. People looking for information about your industry, the products that you have in the information that you share. What happens if your company is not properly doing SEO? If your company is not properly doing SEO, you are being left behind, your competitors are getting an advantage and you pretty much do not matter.

The awesome thing about a SEO company is that it is very easy to implement. All it takes is getting into contact with the right company who can help you formulate a plan properly attacked the Internet. A good SEO company will be full of people for quality marketers and not just nerds the understand all the algorithm changes that Google does to their search function. A quality SEO professional will be able to help you bring in a lot of traffic to your website. They were use techniques that Google wants you to use and none of the techniques that Google will penalize.

SEO is not something that you think you should do, it is something that your company has to do in order to matter in today’s world. Back in the old days, the phone book was the place that the business had to be in, but today it is Google that you want to dominate, that you want to be found on the first page, and is the resource that everyone goes to find companies just like yours. Your goal is to be found when they’re looking for someone like you, your products, your industry and the information that you have.

3 Ways To Get More Traffic For SEO

We have 3 of the most effective ways to get more traffic to your website that will help with getting traffic to your website which will help boost your presence on Google. You are going to want to make sure that Google analytics is on your website so that Google can receive this information about your website and see that people are visiting your website.

Press Releases

One of the best ways to help you get more traffic is through press releases for your website and services or information you want to share. Most press releases do cost money. However, if you have some good services or information you may be able to contact other websites and have them share a press release for you free of charge. This is also a great opportunity for you to build business relationship with other businesses and people. The future business relationships may actually be worth more value to you than the traffic the press release you are paying for is going to generate.


Pay Per Click

The second way to help you get more traffic to your website is through pay-per-click campaigns on Google through adwords, Facebooks Ads, or other websites in your niche. Paying for traffic through advertisements can be really cost effective and easiest to scale. If you’re able to bring people to your site and have them sign in through an opt-in or to actually buy something then that is going to help lower the costs and even potentially turn a profit for your advertisement and PPC campaigns. So you have potential to really grow your site through pay-per-click, generate more traffic, help your SEO, and even possibly make some money.


This third method utilizing is a very effective SEO method that was brought to our attention by Groz Search Engine Marketing. is a smart ranking technology that utilizes thousands of real people using organic crowd search to visit your website. Having people click through Google searches to your website helps Google identify that your site is relevant in these searches. If they’re choosing your website over other websites in the search results then Google discovers that your website is more relevant to that search result than these other websites that are ranking above your website. So in order this for people to get the most relevant search results to their searches Google now begins to rank your site higher in the search engine results than the websites that were previously above yours. This becomes a very effective way to generate traffic to your website that will directly increase your SEO of your website.